"Content is king"
Bill Gates

Content Management

When Bill Gates said “Content is King in 1996, it was a prophecy. Today it is a fact. In the digitalizing world, the stronger your content is, the higher your brand will rank. Because content is the most important step in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and search engines take into account real, original and useful information ,that an article gives to the user, not the number of words in the article. In Rebecca Lieb’s words, “Content is the atomic particle of digital marketing”.  In the Proaktif, we produce original content for your website, blog, social media and press releases, and take your presence in the digital world to the top.

SEO Compatible Press Release Preparation and Service

  • Periodic Topic Determination
  • Content Preparation
  • Service
  • Reporting

Creating Blog Content

  • Determining Content
  • Text Writing
  • SEO-appropriate content entry

Other Services

  • Brand Communication Consultancy

    One of the most powerful aspects of the digital age is without doubt, its algorithm for ads. To establish a structure, that will directly lead us to our target population when we advertise.

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  • Web Design And Management

    In Proaktif, we design the website you need impressively. First of all, we serve consultancy for how your most important asset, your website should be.


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  • Social Media Management

    We create and communicate the social media strategy of your brands. We ensure that you have coverage within digital channels/media, where you need to be, generate  written, visual and video content to your target audience and share at the right time.

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  • Creative Design

    We create graphic designs , those will keep you in mind. We design logos, which exactly define you, completely match them with your corporate identity and strengthen the visibility of your brand.

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  • Video Content

    According to your needs, we shoot a video to express you, your business or your product in the eyes of your customers. If you like,  we turn your story into a fascinating movie with customized shots.

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